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"Hi guys,

I'm 22 now and prior to getting Orgasmology I'd had sex with about 10 women in my life. The problem is none of them ever wanted to sleep with me more than once. These weren't one night stands, these were girls that really liked me.

I guessed it was my sexual technique. I was enjoying sex, but they weren't. I couldn't last long enough to please them and I didn't really understand anything other than the basic concepts of sex.

So, I found and read Orgasmology.

My next date was fantastic! She was gorgeous and I made love to her all night long, giving her multiple orgasms each just minutes from the last - she's been calling me every day for the last week asking me to go out with her again. She wants more sex with me!

I know I couldn't have done this without you guys help so I hope that I can somehow repay you by writing this email for you to show other people thinking about your amazing product.

You've made me a better man!"

L, N
Great Britain


You Can Learn, in Just 5 Minutes From Now...

How To Make Love To Her For Extended Periods Of Time (Hours If You Want To)...

AND Give Her Earth-Moving Orgasms That Would Be A TEN On The Sexual Richter Scale...

- Make Her Eyes Roll Back In Their Sockets, Her Toes Curl And The Lights And Windows Break Because She's Screaming So Loudly -

Using 3 Simple, Little-Known Techniques, (and I'll show you how here on this website)

Dear Friend,

You are moments away from learning about something truly unique (and I don't say this lightly) - something that WILL CHANGE YOUR SEX LIFE and the sex life of your partner - FOREVER!

In fact, this site could change your enjoyment of sex so much, you may just feel like you've lost your virginity all over again...

I know these are great claims, and your first response will probably be "yeah right", but hear me out...

First a few facts:

In a recent online survey we carried out on 587 women we found some very shocking truths…


70% of women polled have NEVER achieved an orgasm during intercourse with ANY partner!

65% of women admitted to FAKING ORGASMS ON A REGULAR BASIS to please their man!

• Only 15% of women have an orgasm more than once per week!

78% of them said they preferred a cuddle to sex as they were not being sexually satisfied by their partner!

92% of women admitted to having faked an orgasm at some time in the last 3 years!

Can you believe that?!?

Well believe it or not, it's true... MOST men are absolute failures in bed and often they don't even realize it.

What does this mean to us guys? ... Me and you.

It means, most of us don’t have the slightest clue about how to please our partner sexually EVEN if we THINK we do.

Can you be 100% sure you are living up to her

82% of men are described as "Below Average in bed" by their female partners

Do you REALLY want your partner to prefer a SEX TOY - A Little Rabbit Shaped Piece of Plastic Made In China - to you?

I'm sorry to say it, but the days of pump, pump and roll... are over.

In our sexually liberated society, if we aren’t pleasing our women – somebody (or something else) will!

As if the statistics above aren’t scary enough,

check out what one of the women we polled said:

Edited only for naughty words :)

“I love my boyfriend dearly, but he really has no idea about sex. He [finishes] way too quickly. He doesn’t know where to touch me and his idea of foreplay is rubbing my [fun spot] for 5 minutes prior to sex. Sex really is a bore with him. I’ve cheated on him a few times while he’s been at work [snip] he’s just no good in bed.”

Another said this:

“My husband and I used to have sex about 2 times per day – it was never great but it was regular. It’s just so unsatisfying nowadays we only do it once per week, if that. They say sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but you know, without good sex, I find it hard to stay faithful, loyal and even married to him. I find masturbation is my only way of release now.”

And these women weren't the ONLY ones to be sharing stories like this... Some came out with shocking tales too graphic to share on this page.

The results clearly show that MOST women either simply DO NOT have orgasms AT ALL, or a great many women FAKE their orgasms on a regular basis, just to “get it over and done with”.

My intention is NOT to suggest that women are somehow underhanded, devious and trying to trick you. It is in fact the absolute opposite. I want to show you that maybe you need to do something about your sexual skills and improve your sex life – even if you think it’s going great – just to keep her happy and wanting YOU to be the man who satisfies her!

Can you be 100% sure right now that your partners are happy with your sexual performance?

The answer is NO

Chances are, at LEAST at one time or another in your life, your girlfriend or wife has probably FAKED an orgasm. Our statistics prove it.

And, as men, we usually want lots of sex. Sex tends to makes us happy.

The problem is… if we please ourselves but fail to please our partner, sex soon dries up.

The dreaded excuses start to flow

How many times have you heard?

  • "I’m too tired"

  • "I’ve had a long day"

or the much feared excuse:

  • "Not now, I have a headache"…

The simple fact of the matter is - you need to discover the secrets of sex and making her orgasm because the truth is:

The more she enjoys sex with you, the more you’ll get it!

It’s as simple as that.

Whether you think you’re great in bed or whether you know you’re not - doesn’t really matter.

I'm here to help you and I have the perfect solution to your sexual despairs...

You Will Get:




You're going to learn TODAY, how to make her explode with satisfaction as you give her exactly what she wants in bed... When you've learned and mastered these simple but not obvious techniques, she will probably start to think of you as some kind of sex God!


What you have done to save my marriage I can never begin to repay you for. All I can say to you is thank you so very much, for helping both my husband see that even a 30 year marriage can be fun and exciting again, if both parties are willing to learn how to please one another in the bedroom.

We’re having sex so much more often now at age 53 and 55 than we ever did in out 30’s or 40’s, it is amazing to me, and with many of the wonder techniques that you taught my husband, he now can maintain a full and active erection without any prescription drugs, and go sometime 3 times in a day, if I can handle it. Wow, what a tiger he has become, I’m truly loving it!


Mary T,

Kansas City, Mo.


Until now, giving a woman an orgasm was like an art form. Some guys master it and are able to satisify their partner, through practice, trial and error and tips they pick up over time, but more often than not - the man falls way short of expectations in the bedroom…

However experienced he may be.

That's where the power of Orgasmology™ really starts to kick in...

Orgasmology™ has turned the process of pleasing women from an art form into a science (but not a science that is hard to understand like physics and chemistry – Orgasmology™ is a simple, step-by-step and FUN process)

Which would you prefer to master?

The ART of love-making? Whereby just like a painter, you have to mix talent, skills, and ability with a good dose of luck, trial and error and... Fingers crossed after enough practise you MIGHT get there in the end.


The SCIENCE of love-making? Where I tell you. 2+2+2+4 = 10 (and yes, it doesn't get much harder than that - you don't need to be able to do ANY math, I'm just making a point).... and 10 EQUALS the MOST ground shaking, earth moving sex she and you will EVER have...

If you read and follow my simple sex secrets, master them, and then practice them till they are part of your soul - you will NEVER have a woman fake an orgasm with you again!

That's my PERSONAL guarantee to YOU based on my reputation and my HONOR!

...plus I back it up with my full - 8 weeks of heart stomping passion - money back guarantee, just in case my word and honor isn't enough ;-)

In fact, you'll have your partner BEGGING you for sex time and time again! Again, I guarantee it.

You becoming better in bed will IGNITE her sexual flames once again, her libido will increase drastically (it's a little known fact that the MORE sex she has - the MORE she'll want it). Obviously for her to want more sex, you'll have to satisfy her - but that won't be a problem at all... Any more... EVER again.

I guess you might be finding it hard to believe that you can become a love machine over night. But you can. Starting today. And I'll tell you why you should trust me in just a few moments...

But first, let me dispell a couple of common myths - possibly myths you believe in...

MYTH 1: You need a big penis to satisfy a woman

FACT: You DO NOT need a large penis to please your woman. In fact, if you knew the Orgasmology™ techniques you'd realize quite the opposite, having a small or average sized penis can actually be an ADVANTAGE!

Being fantastic in bed has NOTHING to do with the size of your penis!

Absolutely nothing!

There is a saying that goes something like this,

"It's not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean."

This is very true.

Having good technique, skills and knowledge can make your size seem immaterial even to the most judgemental, size-loving, size-obsessive of women.

Even if you have a VERY small or average penis I can show you how to make love to her so that she'll keep coming back for more AND LOVING IT time and time again.

MYTH 2: You need lots of foreplay or oral sex to make a woman happy in the bedroom

FACT: Yes, foreplay can help make the experience a whole lot nicer for the woman (and for you), but whereby other sources of misinformation on better sex recommend you spend up to 30 minutes+ every time you have sex on intense foreplay, just to satisfy her - is absolutely wrong. I will show you how to eliminate the NEED for foreplay to make her orgasm and/or enjoy sex so you can get down to what YOU enjoy and make sure she's just as happy.

Whatever your concern when it comes to satisfying women, do NOT worry about it any more. I'll show you a way to overcome it. All you need is the right information, shown to you in the right way.

Another worry I hear a lot from men is about Premature ejaculation.

As you know, most women can't have a vaginal orgasm in the time it takes MOST men to finish themselves. But again, if you can only last 1-3 minutes currently... DON'T WORRY.

Premature ejaculation WILL be a thing of the past after discovering the Orgasmology™ sex secrets

I will show you techniques to help you make love for hours at a time maintaining your iron-bar like erection throughout!

One of the biggest reasons women aren't happy with their sex lives is that their partner is unable to have sex for long enough to please her. I will show you methods that have enabled men that usually unload in 3-4 minutes - to have sex for 3 to 4 hours and only when YOU are ready to fire your load - will you give the command!

You REALLY can have THAT much control!

Getting Orgasmology was the smartest thing I’ve done in the last 10 years, thanks a billion!

Richard T
Summit, NJ.

What you’ll discover today:

• The 3 most important mind set changes you have to make before becoming an orgasmic sexual genius

• The 2 to 1 orgasmic ratio that is so important, it will guarantee you pleasure her more than 95% of other men can

• How to make her orgasm every time without fail

• 2 ways to tell if she's having a real orgasm or faking it and she has no control over either

• The best sex positions that will make the Kama Sutra seem dull!

• The 21 most explosive Orgasmic sex secrets that will take you from “Boring Billy”, to “Wild Willy the Sexual Explorer” and make you a 100% more exciting lover

• The one step forward, half step back technique that will create sensational stirrings in her mind that will make her beg you to “DO HER NOOOOW!”

• The Orgasmology™ oral sex guide for both men and women to make Oral truly orgasmic

• Discover the difference between clitoral, G-Spot, extended and multiple orgasms and learn how to give her each and every one!

• The beginners guide to great alternative sex

• How to deal with premature ejaculation and control your ejaculation time so well, you’ll be more accurate than a Swiss watch!

• Find out about group sex, and fringe topics of wierd and wacky sex like S&M, voyeurism and many more of the edgier topics other sex guides try to pretend don't exist

• Discover dozens of sex games you can play to keep your sex life at its peak

• Get answers to all of your most pressing sexual questions in down to Earth, straight talking ways guaranteed to make you more clued up about everything Orgasmic.

• Daily Sex Tips and Advice (New one Each day)

• How to make her orgasm … Within 3 minutes every time!

• Learn where her erogenous zones are and discover just what you have to do to each one to make her eyes light up with delight!

• Foreplay for fighters… Become a foreplay WARRIOR able to take on the most difficult of feminine pleasuring tasks and make it look easy

And much more!

So who am I and how do I know so many secrets?

I'm Woody O Wilcox and yes, you're right, that's a pen name.

I'm well known in other fields of adult education under another name, for various reasons I have to write under a pen name on this topic but chances are, you've probably come accross my main stream books at one time or another (there are also guest writers articles in the members area).

I've come to my vast and exclusive knowledge on the subject probably a similar way to you.

And long story short... I was RUBBISH in bed. I needed to get better. And fast. So I consumed huge amounts of information on the subject, hunted down experts and tried, tried and tried again.

Eventually I got there and I went from Loser in the bedroom to winner. My lovelife exploded and women started to really dig what I could do to them. Then I discovered how to make a woman orgasm - INSTANTLY.

Yep... Instantly.

Sounds crazy huh?

It's true. When I say instantly, I mean within 1 minute of penetration (and most of that minute is spent by her actually "climbing the mountain" and peaking).

All of my secrets are recorded and added to regularly here in Orgasmology's™ private members only site.

Orgasmology™ is a private members only website that is 100% online, discreet and instantly accessible so you can start to discover the secrets of great sex to improve yours and your partners sex lives - today!


Latest Update:
34 New Articles Added Today
16 New sex tips


You will become the greatest lover she's ever had and your sex life will go through the roof as a result...

So, what’s so special about Orgasmology?”

What makes it stand out so clearly as the “VERY BEST” in the minds of so many of our SATISFIED CUSTOMERS” and FRIENDS? What does Orgasmology™ have, that the others seem to me missing, making it the “PEOPLE’S CHOICE” for the year 2006?

First of all, it’s a very interesting, entertaining, educational and comfortable read. It isn’t prissy or prude, and it certainly isn’t tight-assed, stuffy or arrogant. It’s a far more “Down to Earth” and personally “COOL” attitude, with an occasional touch of humor or “Life Experience Insight” added in, when it is appropriately called for.

Not only is it extremely simple and easy to use, and eventually perfect, but it costs you practically nothing, yet the value of the benefits that this sex guide will bring to your life, and the lives of others that you touch, is totally incalculable! That is the amazing advantage to Orgasmology™!...


I'm here to address and teach it all to you, in the most relaxed and comfortable manner that you have ever learned anything in your life. It’s actually a lot of fun, and the rewards for your study go beyond your wildest dreams when you can confidently do exactly what needs to be done to make sure that both you and your partner are in complete orgasmic bliss.

No subject is too “dirty or decadent” to discuss, if it’s about sex, we’re going to talk and teach about it. Openly, honestly, and objectively, not only from the male point of view, but from the perspective of the women as well, after all, they play a pretty important role in our sex lives, and it is a matter of vast importance to know and understand what it is that they are thinking, saying, wanting and needing!

"Hey There Orgasmology,

You guys are the coolest. I never really have had much luck with sex books and tips off the internet before. They never usually take the time to explain the “WHY” and “HOW,” so much as just dumping the “Where” and “When” on you.

You bring it all together in a complete package that covers all the necessary information, and the psychology behind it all, and it just makes sense, for the first time ever, because what you guys provide, actually WORKS!!!

What more needs to be said. Something available so inexpensively on the internet that even part time staff like me can afford to indulge in the delicacies that the rich dudes are getting on a regular basis. You guys rock, cause you even out the playing field, and even guys like me can compete with the “Richies”because now I know what I’m doing, and the chicks dig that and want more and more of what I have to offer them, and it ain’t bucks, or a nice car, believe me!

I’m in Humping Heaven now, and it’s all thanks to you guys,

You Rock!!!"

Hector V
San Antonio, TX.

She will brag about you to her friends, and they'll all secretly want a piece of your "action"

O.k., so by now, it’s only natural that you're asking yourself,

“How much does Orgasmology™ cost, and how soon can I get it, so I can start experiencing all these amazing benefits for my sex life, instead of just sitting around here, reading about everybody else enjoying sexual satisfaction and success?”

Believe it or not, as a SPECIAL “ONE TIME” INTRODUCTORY OFFER, we have decided to let this amazing collection of Sexual Mastery go for an amazingly low price...

That’s right, for less than the price of a single professional massage, you could now own all the Secrets of Sensual Seduction and Outrageous Orgasms for yourself, and have them all accessible to you Right Now, immediately upon your safe and secure online purchase of Ogasmology.


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Nothing is sent to your home and you will be billed by "clickbank" for your privacy - 100% secure and private

Orgasmology™ is 100% online which means the publishing company and I will never send you anything through the post. The only people who will know you have purchased are you and us, and we will make sure it stays that way! Also, to make sure your purchase is totally private, the charge will show up as "Clickbank" on your bill and NO reference to Orgasmology™ will be made.

One time fee, you are billed only once!

Unlike some of the other guides out there, we will never charge your card or checking account more than once. Our fee is a one-time fee and gives you unlimited access to the members area - for a lifetime with all updates being entirely FREE to you.

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"Dear Orgasmology,

I nearly divorced my wife of 12 years, because I felt that she had sold me a false bill of goods, pretending to be all sexy and horny all the time, in order to get me to marry her, and then becoming a total icy cold, prude once our son was born.

Out of total desperation, and a deep need to get laid, I started using some of the techniques that you teach in the guide, nothing fancy, just some of the simple and easy beginner methods, and “Boom,” she actually responded. She loved it, and she wanted more and more.

Now we read together and discuss the lessons and enjoy looking at all those amazingly sexy pictures of the positions, it’s a total 180 degree turn around for us, and we are very, very thankful for what you have done for our marriage relationship and sex life together.


Oscar W
Athens, Ga.

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